What you need to know about Roof Restoration in Australia

It is said that you don’t get a second chance to make a first impression. In case either you, a member of your family, or a colleague have noticed something wrong with your roof no matter how small it might look, then it is probably time you called in a roof restoration expert. Australia happens to be one of the most beautiful countries to live in. however, it also happens to have some of the harshest weather and climate patterns. These changes in weather take a toll on your roof and if you are not careful, you might return home one day and notice that you are roofless.

To avoid such incidences, it is always important to call roof restoration experts whenever there is need. Thus, whether you want to avoid noisy repairs, an unsightly roof, or are just tired of constant leaks please ask for the experts. Roof restoration is an expansive process that involves repairing, painting, or even installing a new roof depending on the extent of damage.

As a professional roofing expert, we provide our services at reasonable prices and in a timely and reliable manner. Roof restoration always starts with an inspection. This is usually done for free. Depending on the type of roof, (metal and tile roofs are most common), we assess the extent of the damage and come up with the ideal way that the roof will be restored. For instance, there are roofs that will only need painting and maybe spraying with an anti-fungal biocide, others will need re-pointing, and others might need gutter repair.

Roof restoration not only gives a house a new lease of life but it also adds the aesthetic and financial value of a house. That is why when it comes to roof restorations, you should stay away from cheap shortcuts. This is because not only will they be costly in the long run, but they can also put your family in greater danger.

A complete roof restoration that will last long should start with a thorough inspection in order to identify moss and lichen, water damage, broken tiles and gutters, and damaged flashing. After these challenges have been identified and repaired, a high-pressure cleaning of the roof is needed to remove hidden moss & lichen, and to remove dirt that has settled on the roof.

After this, ridge capping is needed in order to join any loose tiles, tighten loose caps, and to ensure protection of the roof from dislodging and leaking. After this, the roof and gutters are rinsed-off and a coating of anti-fungal biocide applied in order to prevent the growth of dangerous moulds.

The last part of roof restoration is the application of a final Primabond coat in order to stabilize the roof. Membrane coats can be applied on the roofs in order to offer more durability in the form of long-term protection from weather damage.


Roof restorations, if done in accordance to rules and regulations will lead to long-term protection not only of your roof but your house as well. If you are concerned with the stature of your roof, please feel free to contact us for a free quote.